Sunday, October 14, 2012

Art Market: 2012

The Art Market at Tyler, a retail arts and crafts show, will featured approximately 60 artists. The Photography students at Tyler had a table where prints, books, and cards were sold.

Tuesday, September 25, 2012

Photography Atrium Gallery

September 25 - October 19, 2012
features first and second year 
Tyler MFA Photography candidates 

Dimitra Ermeidou
Rebekah Flake
Joe Hocker 
Brad Jamula

Thursday, September 13, 2012

Fall 2012 BFA Exhibition Schedule

Photo Atrium Exhibition Space
Basement/Garden Level
Tyler School of Art

November 6 - 13: Ivan Herrera + Victoria Berends
November 13 - 20: Roxana Hojat + Eunice Yu
November 27 - December 4: Melissa Brain, Travis Kniffen, + Mia Casoli

Please check back for reception dates.
Open and free to the public.
Everyone invited!

Tuesday, September 11, 2012

Interrogation: Donald Weber

A beautiful photograph, yes?
Due to the raging political climate these days I thought I would show this work by Donald Weber. Maybe you have seen it before, maybe you haven't, but it is breathtaking. As I have been doing some reading about the intent behind it and the "message" it is delivering I came to a conclusion that I often come to. It is really just about people, perhaps it is the perpetrators-- those who hold the gun or raise their hand in attack, the searing questions and mind-numbing hours of mental penetration. But what I am truly caught by is the feeling of being under siege. The moment where their words will decide their fate and define the outcome of their future. What has been captured is the despair of the turning point, the climax, the caged animal. Perhaps they are guilty, perhaps they are innocent but to me it doesn't matter, it becomes irrelevant in the face of pure emotion, of numb withdrawal.
Photography captures a split second and makes it something new, something monumental. This is a photograph of a mere moment in someones life but it feels like an eternity, it feels surreal, it is a moment that will sting their conscience and burrow deep inside. It will curl up and eat and breath and sleep with someone... we get to partake as viewers the permanency of another world.


Monday, September 10, 2012

Welcome Back!

Hey hey TSA!
So I have graduated with my BFA and am now embarking on the craziest journey an art student can take
finding a job
Oh yes, so far I have gotten so close to jobs I can almost taste them but not quite. In the few months since graduation I have been thrown so many interviewing curve balls I can hardly think straight. I have been yelled at before I even got a hand shake, I have had impromptu computer tests, I have been involved in attempted internet scams, accidentally breached security systems and much much more. Ah the joys of the recent grad.
It has been humorous to say the least.

In other news we have SHOWS, I may be gone but I still love my photo department dearly and the talented individuals who are doing cool things there. So, as soon as I get a list I will post the dates and we can all bookmark or dog ear our calenders/sketchbooks.


p.s. I heard one of the new photo grads won the chair race this year. Makin' us proud!

*photo courtesy of Tyler Exhibitions Facebook

Wednesday, May 2, 2012

In But Not Of: Tiffany Shelly

"This is it." says a large portrait of a woman who looks out at me defiant that I am seeing her this way. As I look further I see that she is being pulled, pursued, trapped by this fabric that is so graceful and yet sinister in such a way that it becomes a character, a persona with attributes I can't quite put my finger on. I ask myself if I should feel frightened by it...but she is not, in fact she seems to dominate it at times. Her fingers grip the unruly thought, a controlling movement that still exudes beauty. The spaces she resides in are so familiar, tiny totems I can latch onto for certainty but the walls are white-washed and the floor drops out from under me and I am left in limbo... as she is. As I look at these photographs I am left to settle on empty rooms, maybe this is where she will go next, but I become caught in them. "It is inevitable" she says, "This room will wait for you." I will be pulled and pushed, the ceiling will disappear and where I thought I was will be nothing like it is. In the last frame the woman brings the curtain to the windows ledge...perhaps to take it with her.

But of course, this is the world that I imagine when I look at this work, it is as beautiful as it is provoking. Nice work Tiffany!

The End of the End

It's here. The abyss is looming ahead of me- the unknown, the ambiguous, the unwritten. I am armed with many skills, the most valuable I will divulge
1. I can survive on 15 bucks a week
2. I can go 8 days without a shower
3. Exceptional problem solving skills (see 1 and 2 for details)
These are the basics, thanks TSA! You did me a solid these four years. Go into Photo these last couple weeks and all you'll hear is something about this or that show, gig, business venture, contest, ect. It's the big leagues, it is time to shine and to fall and to screw up and to do something crazy and daring and to take a major chance. That's what we did when we scurried in to Admissions and showed  work that was probably horrible but we made it in anyways. I am excited and freaked out but strangely feeling so anxious to start making new work (coping mechanism anyone?). For everyone not graduating-- keep on keepin' on! Every time you decide to go back for another semester in art school you are deciding to be challenged deeply. And if you aren't challenged I have a few Professors I can suggest!
I have more reviews to write, and more tears to shed...and two final papers.
Maybe I will see you at graduation, or in grad. school, or sneaking in to photo because I miss it so much.